Secret Affair - Looking Good's the Answer

Mod Time Capsule

This Secret Affair video is interesting as a little bit of social-documentary about the mod revival in the UK of the late 70s to early 80s. The chap on the Lambretta looks impeccable in navy sweater and grey slacks. Certainly, the girls seem to be impressed with the combination at 1' 55'', if not a little intimidated-looking.
Polo shirts tucked in
Interesting to note that polo shirts are being worn tucked inside the trousers in the gig scenes. As they say in the song, 'Looking good's the answer.' To almost any question, I'd would add, chums. Ignore Feargal Sharkey and his sweater at the start. And that dangling earring on the guitarist, which almost spoils the video for me.


  1. Almost two years tardy, but.....

    I fear that's a Vespa, not a Lambretta.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Mea culpa. I got away with it for two years. Must remember to wear my glasses and not fixate on Lambrettas.


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