The Cut of Your Cloth - Dormeuil Vanquish 2

Yes, Qiviuk

I've just been looking at the clothes and cloth made by Anglo-French company Dormeuil. Most famously, they produce the Vanquish 2 cloth, which sounds exquisite. Woven and finished in Yorkshire, England, using vicuna, qiviuk and pashmina threads - it's the result of 160 years of experience. Imagine how soft it must feel, but pretty delicate I suspect, so not intended for trips to the supermarket or for washing the car in.

Possibly detracting from its understated elegance, the cloth was used to create what was billed as the 'world's most expensive suit' for a Nigerian entrepreneur to great fanfare. Anything labelled the 'world's most expensive' tends to turn old Tweedy off, so too gold and pave set diamond buttons.

Better to take the cloth and have something made discreetly to be worn discreetly.


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