Haggis Cures Hangovers

Neeps and Tatties

Burns Night is the best excuse to eat haggis. I love the stuff. I like to spread it on good crusty bread or eat with roast potatoes. Sometimes I'll have it with the traditional 'neeps and tatties'. I first ate it attending a wedding in Scotland - authenticity. It was piped in formally and served as a late supper and, as well as tasting delicious, it was amazingly good at soaking up the booze. I had never felt better the next day. Try some after a night out, it works wonders as a pre-emptive hangover cure.

There's not really much choice down here in sassenach land, so I normally go for a McSween, who've been making the wee beasties for 50 years. Happy Burns Night and all hail the great chieftain of the pudding race.


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