Maverick Cop Sports Jacket

Tough Guys Wear Checks

Some of the best maverick cop films are from the 1970s. What are the attributes of a maverick cop? The maverick cop will have an attitude free from moral cant. He will loathe paperwork and bureaucracy in equal measure. And he also wears checked jackets. Lots of terrific checked jackets.

In tribute, I pulled on this vintage cashmere checked jacket by Chester Barrie from my wardrobe. I think it's the most representative of the maverick cop. The jacket has a classic British shape of pulled waist and slight padding at the shoulders. And those big checks. I'm drawn to big checks at the moment. Blame Brannigan and listening to too many Lalo Schifrin soundtracks in the car.

To add to the air of nonconformity, let's throw in some more patterns with the shirt and tie.

Reach inside a pocket to intimidate a threatening presence. A perp won't know you're only carrying mints.

This jacket has regular flaps over the pockets, without jets  — an interesting touch. And it's built for chases on foot through bleak urban landscapes. Don't think it's flimsy being cashmere. This is a very solid jacket. Here is a fascinating autopsy of an old Chester Barrie jacket where it achieved high praise indeed. They talk about the pocket flaps a little.

Important Note: Good vintage tailoring should be treated with the reverence of vintage wine. The combination of cloth, cut and construction is often quite unique and unlikely to return. 'That's a Barrie '87', we should say, 'a fine year for sports jackets.'

Here I attempted to leap from a wall for a graceful action photo. The end result wasn't pretty.

At this point I would point out similar jackets from current collections. Nothing doing. I'm not finding a check bold enough for a maverick cop to ever countenance.

If you spot anything suitable, please let me know. Make my day, chaps.


  1. Here is a real beauty from Burberry:

    1. Thanks Bradley. Looks like a solid jacket. Best wishes, Tweedy

  2. The two Jura Harris Tweed jackets from Cordings should probably warrant consideration.

    1. Thanks Tony. Cordings anything always warrants consideration.

  3. I have yet to see a check any larger than this Paul Stuart, although the colors are not as nice as your Barrie:

    1. Cor blimey! That is a fair sized check. Thanks Bradley.


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