Campbell's of Beauly

Royal Patronage

Congratulations to Campbell's of Beauly (1858) who were recently granted the Royal Warrant for supply of tailored goods to Her Majesty the Queen. Campbell's Beauly workshop makes suits for the Balmoral estate. The company previously held warrants for the Duke of Windsor and the Queen Mother.

Campbell's was acquired from the Campbell family by John and Nicola Sugden in 2013 . Here we see them pictured below with director (and John's father) James Sugden, who has an excellent hair cut.

They're all completely thrilled with the recognition. They take their responsibility as 'Guardians of Tweed' entirely seriously.

What about Me?

So now you're wondering what Campbell's can do for you. I'll tell you what they can do for you. As well as providing tailoring services and supplying estate tweeds, they also stock smashing country wear.

This combination looks jolly interesting, as well as being timeless and elegant. I think it will really suit you.

So what do we have? The single-breasted and side-vented Olive with Navy Check tweed jacket is available from Campbell's online shop. Although a trip to beautiful Beuly — on the North Coast 500 route — is worth making the effort. The jacket is fully lined with a classic fit.

Under the jacket you have the Fishing Fly Tie in navy. Made in the UK.

And the rather spiffin' Clyde Blue Lambswool Slipover. The 15 gauge sweater is made in Scotland using 2-ply lambwool yarn 'with the soft water of the Scottish Borders to give a gentle handle'.

I think it's time Campbell's received your patronage too.


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