Bees Knees Bow Tie

Bee Keeper

I've got a soft spot for bees. Hard working blighters who never quaver in their responsibilities. They get on with the job without fuss or complaint.

And as it works, th' industrious bee
Comutes its time as well as we

The sound of a bee immediately transports one to summer days — blended with the tinkle of ice-laden gin and tonics. Its determined drone provides the bassline to an essential aural image: the sun has got his hat on. You can flop down on your sun lounger safe in the knowledge that the natural order is working away without any intervention required on your part.

Yellow Bee Bow Tie 

The summery Yellow Bee Bow Tie from Ede & Ravenscroft has a splendid bee motif. Made from English silk twill in London, the tie has a classic butterfly shape.

You need to tie this one yourself. I'm painfully slow at tying bow ties, but I haven't given in to the ready-tied alternative. I'll get there in the end. I also prefer the imprecise finish.

And what's the rush? Let's leave all the dashing about to the bees themselves.

Bespoke Suit to Match the Tie

Once you have acquired your new summer bow tie, invariably this will lead you into a fitting room to have a suit made to match it. For summer, you will be looking at a mid-blue fresco or hopsack, perhaps.

Ede & Ravenscroft have been Robe Makers and Tailors since 1689. That's an almost intimidating length of time. But don't be intimidated. E&R are accustomed to making people feel at ease as they step in to their premises in London, Oxford and Cambridge, each imbued with a comforting old-world charm.

The video below demonstrates Ede & Ravenscroft's commitment to tailoring that is 'fashionably stylish whilst remaining elegantly enduring'.


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