Marriage Advice with Harvie & Hudson

Don't Look Like a Chump

I wonder why anyone considers getting married on a beach in the Maldives? Apart from the hell of travelling there, the ritual, solemnity and reverence the occasion deserves is surely impossible to achieve in sarong and flips flops.

If you've landed on this page as a prospective groom and Anglophile traditionalist, you'll be attracted to morning dress and drafty church over sarong and sultry heat for the big day. Am I right? If you head over to Harvie & Hudson of Jermyn Street, you can pick up the perfect rig that steals men's eyes and women's souls amazeth — guaranteed.

Black Wool Morning Coat

The Harvie & Hudson Classic Black Morning Coat will help you to reflect on the implications of your undertaking, somehow. The guests on the pews to the left will certainly think you're taking the whole shebang seriously and so would your spouse-to-be — thrilled at your previously hidden seriousness.

The coat is cut in the traditional morning coat style, and is made from a woollen cloth in herringbone weave.

Blue Double Breasted Silk Mix Waistcoat

You can have a bit of fun with the waistcoat. Not too much fun mind, this is your wedding after all. Bad reputations can take a moment to acquire. H&H's Blue Double Breasted Waistcoat is made from a silk blend produced at the Botinelli mill in Como, Italy.

The waistcoat is designed to be lightweight and breatheable in case you hyperventilate at the altar. And we don't want you keeling over at your wedding.

The shawl collar looks very elegant and so will you. Scroll to the bottom photo if you can't wait to see how it would look.

Grey Morning Trouser

Supremely formal, who doesn't admire the classic grey-striped trouser? It's a shame you don't see bankers wearing the classic bowler hat, black jacket and striped trouser combination any more. I want my bank manager to look like Captain Mainwaring.

Harvie & Hudson have striped trousers in cotton, which is very handy for the warmer wedding season. The trousers have single pleat and side adjusters.

Return on Investment

Add a white shirt and appropriate tie, put a comb through your hair, and you're done.

You'll seal the deal on your marriage, but once you have this kit you shouldn't leave it in the wardrobe. Get some use out of it. Invite yourself to as many weddings as you can. And there is always Royal Ascot and the Queen's Stand on Derby Day. When you consider the price of decent rental nowadays, by my reckoning you would return your investment after only four occasions. Good show.


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