Manchester Swagger

Mancunian Defiance

Mancunians are famous for their swagger. Liam Gallagher isn't an anomaly. There is no submission in the soul of Manchester, no rolling over. Any blow is met with defiance. To paraphrase fellow Mancunian Morrissey, there is no one on earth the Mancunian is afraid of.

Such swagger is reflected in Liam's clothing label Pretty Greenwith shops in Carnaby Street (naturally), Manchester and Glasgow — the 'up-front straight talking British clothing brand' he founded in 2009. The label is huge in Japan, with several shops. Japan is a fantastic nation. Reverential and unapologetically proud of its own culture and identity, Japan is also appreciative of the very best of what the rest of the world has to offer. Most western countries fail woefully in achieving that kind of balance, expect maybe Italy.

I say clothing brand, but Pretty Green is more like a movement, with clothes, music and pop culture all blended into the mix. Highly influenced by mod culture, Pretty Green have collaborated with The Who and Paul Weller in previous seasons.

Black Label Mod

In 2015, Pretty Green launched the Black Label collection and things got very interesting indeed in terms of the classic designs incorporated and the materials used.

Of the difference between Pretty Green's Green and Black labels, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Liam said: 'Black Label is the higher-end one. If it was just up to me, it would just be the Black Label, all proper rock & roll gear. But some of the kids can't afford that, so we give them options with the casual Green Label. The Black Label is more suede, more rock star-ish. Green is jerseys and denim.'

Music: Alive by the Warbly Jets.

Enough of my nattering on. Herewith, my picks from the Black Label collection for this season.

Jones Hat

The Jones Hat is made in England by Christy's for Pretty Green. Made from fur felt, you can shape this hat into your desired shape. I'm keen (as mustard) on the mustard coloured hat, but they also stock a grey and a black version. Because of its simple style, this is a smart hat that can worn informally. I like this hat very much. I'm wearing hats much more lately. Surely named after hat wearer Brian Jones? Jones was easily the coolest Stone. Impossible not to acquire a little Manchester swagger when wearing this hat.

The hat comes in a splendid Christy's tube for storage and travel.

Bonneville Knitted Shirt

As the world's biggest fan, I have to avoid mentioning John Smedley too often. Half of my wardrobe is packed with Smedley items. I can't leave them alone. John Smedley would be my specialist subject on Mastermind. Pretty Green worked with John Smedley to produce (in England) the terrific Bonneville knitted shirt you see here.

Made from merino wool, the shirt has oversized mother of pearl buttons and contrast intarsia trim. Very nice indeed. We can always make room for another adaptable Smedley. And this one has 60s dolce vita written all over it.

Broadwick Jacket

To be dressed right for a beach fight, you could wear the black version of the Bonneville shirt under this mustard version of the Broadwick Jacket in soft unlined suede, which is also available in black. I'm also seeing a burgundy polo neck under the collar of this jacket too. Handsome.

As the jacket is unlined, it will really mould to the body over time. And it has a two-way zip, so you can have it fastened at the top and opened at the bottom for added comfort when you're riding your scooter with great bluster along the cliffs of Dover.


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