The Ivy Waterproof Continued

Similar Coat

Following on from the post of the Percival Take Ivy-style waterproof, committed reader Old School sent in the picture above. It's by japanese artist Hiroshi Watatani, known for his commercial illustrations, particularly of men's style. The picture was used in a promotional calendar for a Japanese shop.

I think I may have tweeted it, but it's too good not to give it a bit more prominence on these pages. As you can see, the chap in the picture is wearing a mac, but it's the same traditional colour of yellow as the one by Percival.

What else do we have? The sack-style blazer with patch pockets, a Labrador and West Highland Terrier, horse bit loafers (no socks), repp tie and Ripley spectacles. A wonderful picture. On a minor point, I'm not a big fan of those retractable dog leads — a dog lead should be made from chain with a leather handle and attached to a separate leather collar.

Does the background say Italy or Greece? The car looks almost like a Morris Minor to me, which would be another plus point — a very trad car indeed.

All-in-all, a rather uplifting and inspirational image. Thanks v. much Old School and Hiroshi.


  1. It looks like Italy. BL is the abbreviation for Belluno, a province in the Veneto region of Northern Italy, but I have no idea whether that's an Italian number plate or not.

    1. I think you're right Old School. Now we need to bring in an Italian number plate specialist. Thanks and best wishes, Tweedy


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