Spring Colours with Burtonwode

Down With Progress!

According to the RSPB, the cuckoo is an endangered species. Poor cuckoo, ancient herald of spring. Loss of habitat, they say. Loss of nature's rituals, we say (despite the cuckoo's monstrous nesting habits). I know all about loss of habitat. Try finding a decent tea rooms in Yeovil.

I guess that's what happens when those in office are intent on developing over every square inch of land. Rather than concentrating on 'growth', what about concentrating on the number of cuckoos we can hear per square mile or the number of tea rooms we can visit? Or the number of cravat and blazer wearers? I think I coined the term civibility index for such quality of life measures. Down with progress! (What do you think, Orson?)

Gentleman's Necessities

Thankfully, we can rely on another sign of spring at Tweed Towers — the annual arrival of Burtonwode's boxer shorts in seasonal colours. For some never-quite-explained reason, I switch into boxer shorts when the warmer weather arrives. Let's say ventilation.

I said I would never demonstrate underwear in person again, but Mrs T persuaded me to come out of retirement for these shots. I felt an utter chump let me tell you. Being a clothes demonstrator is no way to earn a living.

For all the pain it caused me, I hope the photos get across the lightness and jolliness of these Burtonwode British Boxer Shorts. The shorts are made in the UK from a 5oz cotton with a highly-softened finish.

I've mentioned before, but the box the shorts arrive in — with magnetic clasp — is a delight in itself. I'm sure you can find a number of additional uses for the box. You can store collar stiffeners and cufflinks, for example, or old lighters and cigar cutters. You could even use it to keep some of your cuckoo-spotting paraphernalia.


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