Brooks Brothers Tie-back Yoke Boxer Shorts

Exceptionally good friend Graham over at gent's outfitters Fogey Unlimited is currently stocking some absurdly decent cotton boxer shorts from Brooks Brothers. How long have you searched for traditional yoke-front boxer shorts that tie at the back? — a bloody long time, I'd venture.

Fine things have foul histories
It's probably best not to postulate on the consequences that brought the shorts to Fogey HQ in Gloucester, England. The finest things often have the foulest histories. All we need to know is that they're finally available for us to enjoy.

I mean, look at them. Don't they look like the most comfortable pair of undergarments that you could ever wear? Longer than your typical boxer short and with a full cut, we see a three-button closure to the front and those pin tuck pleats add a lovely dash of elegance. You could almost wear them in public.

The shorts have a tie at the back to keep them in place, similar to the traditional pyjamas we prefer.

Not for skinny jeans
I will square with you, they're not made for wearing under skinny jeans. The shorts are made to go under properly fitting, equally comfortable trousers.
The white/blue rule
The shorts are available in white and blue. I've said it many times, but I always prefer boxer shorts in blue and briefs in white (Sunspel being my favourite suppliers of briefs). I have no idea why this is the case. It's the same with shirts. I prefer blue button-down collar shirts and white button-free collars. I bet a brain boffin like Jordan Peterson would know the answer to this strange habit.


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