Fresco Summer Trouser

We last mentioned López Aragón of Talavera de la Reina, Toledo, Spain, when we spoke of their sterling contribution to the Spanish Teba jacket. We also mentioned their excellent crowd-funding approach to production of certain lines. They are a great Spanish company and they're putting out some interesting trousers for summer.

Visually charismatic
The trousers have a deep two-button off-centre waistband, reminiscent of 'Oxford bags', side adjusters, twin pleats, tapered legs and impressive turn-ups — all adding up to a visually charismatic and very flattering trouser style. (I'm aware of a high-end name doing something similar at the moment, but at mass-production levels, not as well and with an elephantine mark-up.)

The Bering Fresh Mink trousers are made with a brown summer-weight 8.5 oz wool cloth from Bower Roebuck of Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England.
Freedom from 'trouser shift'
That trouser waistband is going to sit properly on the hips and is not going to budge, providing all-day trouser confidence from 'trouser shift'.


  1. A couple of quick questions - have you recently made any purchase from LA? How is their customer service? Is it responsive and reliable? Do you know what courier service they use for delivery? I am located in Canada and it is rather difficult to find apparel of good style and quality, esp outside of major cities. Any hints on makers that have reasonably priced apparel and delivery would be much appreciated! Thank you!
    Yours truly,

    1. Hello Victor. A reader based in the UK recommended LA to me. He is very pleased with the service and quality of the clothes. We don't have any difficulty with shipping from Spain to the UK. I imagine shipping to Canada would be the same. Other makers? Depends what you're looking for. Try a few searches on The Tweed Pig and see what's out there. Hope this helps? Best wishes, Tweedy


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