Desirable Desert Boot

The Barkan desert boots by CarréDucker are designed to 'carry you effortlessly from dusk till dawn'. Made in Suffolk, England, the Barkan are built to travel the world.

Shoemakers CarréDucker of London were motivated to create the ready-to-wear range of Barkan desert boots by the success of a bespoke design. They took time to get the balance and materials right for the bespoke desert boot (below), not wishing to detract or overly embellish such a simple yet classic design.

The Barkan receives an additional eyelet from the original bespoke design and is available in a choice of colours in nubuck, suede and leather with a crepe or lightweight rubber sole. Each Barkan desert boot is leather-lined and is supplied with waxed-cotton boot laces.

Welcoming shoe trees
The Snape in black grain Italian vegetable-tanned leather with black crepe sole — you can order with the sole you prefer — at the far left of the photo would find a welcoming set of shoe trees waiting for them at Tweed Towers. And they needn't be nervous. They'd be assured of a good home and a diligent guardian. They would be cleaned and polished as a regular treat. They would be kept in good repair, with regular visits to the cobbler. They would also get plenty of exercise, but they would have to get used to being brushed before they are allowed into the house.

Good-natured boot
If you don't share my inclination for black shoes at the moment, I'm going to recommend to you the Rendlesham in cognac vegetable-tanned leather with natural crepe sole. What a good-natured looking boot.

Listen to my feet
Look at the waxy, buttery softness of the leather. The suppleness and comfort of the boot is visceral. I know that suede is the traditional material for a desert boot, but my instinct and feet are telling me that you would be very happy in the Rendlesham.

We should always listen to instinct, the whispers in the blood, as the brain is far too unreliable.


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