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Fox - Keeping you Dry Since 1868

I finally got around to replacing my old Fox umbrella — with a new Fox umbrella. You can now buy directly from Fox and have a bit of a say on the colour of canopy, the handle and fitting you want.

Fox's colour chart has lots of nice plain colours and a few tartan ones too. American's are big fans of the Black Watch tartan; that one's available, for example.

I didn't want a black umbrella this time. I whittled down the colour choices to bordo (a wine/maroon colour), navy, dark green or dark grey. I went for the navy in the end.

Made in the UK, in Croydon, Surrey, the umbrella is a GT9, umbrella boffins — a Gents Tube (for lightness), with whanghee handle, gilt tip cup and matching navy case.

It's a beautiful thing to wield. Here I am practising a few defensive Sherlock Holmes-style bartitsu moves. Your umbrella should be like your right-hand man, always there when you need it.

With the choices available from Fox, I feel a collection of right-hand men coming on.

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