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Fred Perry's Friends - Sunspel and Bass Weejun

Modern clean-cut, classic men's dressing ultimately derives from the Beau Brummel colour palette, Jermyn Street and Savile Row, and country house style. More casual sub-sets from the same gene-pool include mod, preppy, le style Anglais et al. And as you will remember with set theory in your maths lessons, sets have intersections whose members belong to all those sets that intersect. In clothing terms, this is where we have our basics that complement each of the looks. A polo shirt or loafer, for example.

Fred Perry have made it easier to pick up some classic men's clothing basics with the introduction of stock from our friends at Sunspel and the All-American Bass shoe brand in their Laurel Wreath Collection Shops. The brands have an obvious connection with Fred Perry's mod heritage, but their availability also makes it very easy to acquire a timeless set of staples in one place. Match a pair of Bass Weejun penny loafers (as a knockabout alternative to your Alden cordovans), with a white Fred Perry Original (pre-piping) or red Sunspel polo shirt (below) and you'll be ready for a weekend in Brighton. Both polo shirts are made in England.

And if you're heading to Brighton you may want to take the Guernsey sweater from Fred Perry (above) for the cool breeze on the promenade. The sweater is Made in the UK in wool to an authentic Guernsey recipe, with the knitted stitching on the sleeve that identifies the Guernsey style of sweater.

If the quality is there, the classics just keep on giving. Unlike here today, gone tomorrow fashion trends, you can wear this stuff from teen to pensioner and always look like an ace face - it refuses to date.

You can find Laurel Wreath Collection Shops in London, Paris and Berlin. One's appearing in Manchester soon too. The shops have one-off pieces and, most interestingly, vintage Perry wear crops up occasionally too.


  1. The Guernseys are actually made in Guernsey. Fred Perry teamed up with Guernsey Woollens.

    The classic style of a guernsey and what makes it unique is the neck.


    1. Thanks Anon. Have you see the article on Guernsey Wollens?


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