20 Years of Brora

The Tweed Exterior

Beaneth the grizzled tweed-clad exterior there's a softer side to old Tweedy. Before you get the wrong impression and picture me in a heart-shaped apron with crochet trim, size medium, baking a cake, I'm actually referring to my liking for cashmere. Love the stuff. Well, who doesn't?

Brora - with headquarters in Hertfordshire, England - always has nice cashmere pieces for men. Whenever I'm in a Brora shop I have to resist the urge to press their delightfully soft cashmere clothes against my cheeks. This is exactly the kind of reaction required from quality cashmere products. (And don't tell me I'm alone here.)

And cashmere works so well with tweed. With the right jacket and sweater you can achieve a robust tweed exterior and a gentle cashmere interior. This combination is scientifically proven to send out all the right kinds of signals.

Brora, celebrating its 20th birthday this year, also does the tweed bit as well as the cashmere. Above and below we have Brora's Harris Tweed jacket, principally in blue flecks.

Inside the Tweed Beats a Cashmere Heart

Now for the soft interior. Brora's Two-tone Textured Jumper in two-ply Scottish cashmere would look rather splendid underneath the tweed jacket.

Brora's "sustainable fashion" design ethos and commitment to quality means the pieces won't date and can be worn year after year.


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