Prince Charles - Patched Jacket

Apologies to UK readers if you're more than familiar with this story, but we had to show our loyal readership in Japan, Italy and elsewhere some pictures of Prince Charles from his recent TV appearance as guest editor on the BBC's Countryfile. He was on to talk about country issues and conservation on the Duchy estate.

Is it a Wax? Is it a Wool?

Who wasn't thrilled by the sight of that patchwork field coat (below)? I could make out tweed, waxed cotton, a bit of leather, Melton cloth. Was it a wax coat to begin with or a woollen field coat? Was it originally like the one above? Hard to tell. Magnificent though. What an ambassador for British style and heritage he is, constantly selling the soft culture of these islands just by the clothes that he wears. Or am I reading far too much into a patched-up old coat? I could imagine Ralph Lauren brining out a tidied-up version, knowing them.

I have a dream that one day we might be able to push protocol aside and have Prince Charles talking about his clothes. Or just providing a few nice pictures would be enough, I suppose.


  1. there is absolutely no way that coat genuinely belows to HRH or was worn and patched by or for him. He is usually seen in a battered wax coat in country scenes - though this one would have had to be worn on constant rotation by the whole family!!!

    1. Thanks. I like to think of HRH with his needle and thread patching up his jacket by the light of a roaring log fire, Jack Russell terrier curled up asleep at his feet. Ready for another day of hedge laying.

  2. that's a lovely scene tweedy, evocative of yesteryears....but HRH has his valet put the toothpaste on his brush so I think it unlikely! I'd find some time for Julia by firelight, though...........

  3. Thanks Shackleton. You've made me think about toothbrushes, actually. I'm seeing a bone-handled number from D R Harris. Must look into toothbrushes.

  4. a bit late to the party but it looks and looked to me like a paratroopers jacket from the late 50's -60's...I seem to recall the prince had something to do with the paras in his army days and I am positive there is a photo out there of him wearing their distinctive WW2 pattern smock?
    perhaps it has been patched or used to patch an old favourite outdoor jacket?


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