Tweed Run - Cordings Outfit

Spring Means The Tweed Run

I'm hearing the common cuckoo's melancholy two-note refrain as I type. This either means I've gone mad or spring is on the way. Assuming I still have my faculties, this will also mean that The Tweed Run in London is almost upon us - April the 13th to be precise. Good luck to all entrants.

Cordings' One-Stop Tweed Run Outfit

If you're looking for a one-stop-shop solution for your Tweed Run outfit, the Dapper Chaps collection (above) suggested by sponsors Cordings well and truly provides it. Lovely kit.

Macclesfield Print Silk Scarf

I'm particularly taken with Cordings' Hunting Paisley Silk Scarf, actually. The blue version. What a rich blue it is. The scarf is hand-printed in Macclesfield, England with an equestrian pattern discovered in the printer's archives. An absolute classic.


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