Tweedy's Run - Marlborough World Decanter

Refreshments for the Ride

Cycling in tweed is thirsty, tiring business, make no mistake. If you're taking part in this year's The Tweed Run in London, a sound and stylish option for the necessary pit-stops is the Coffee and Cognac Decanter from Marlborough World.

The case you see here is in chestnut leather, but it's available in other colours. Great quality from Marlborough's workshops in Walsall, England. The case holds two glass decanters and a steel flask. The shoulders of the decanters are finished in chrome-plated solid brass. I foresee many years of pleasurable use.

I'll prime the decanter and sling it over my shoulders when I next take out my Pashley for a Tweedy's Run. But the decanter won't just be for pleasant bike rides through Cotswold villages and sun-dappled lanes. Oh, no. I'm seeing it playing an important role at picnics - thinking Iford Opera or Glyndbourne. We'll cover it in more detail later, with some artfully staged picnic shots perhaps. Next to a scotch egg. That kind of thing.


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