The James Bond Sweater - N. Peal

N. Peal is one of those companies that quietly go about their business waiting to be discovered. If you are seeking out the finest cashmere knitwear you will eventually discover them, after which the products will sell themselves to you in an elegant and unfussy manner, like an experienced butler. Quality is the key. N. Peal use the finest Mongolian cashmere.

N. Peal Almost Died

In the UK you will find N. Peal's shop in London's famous Burlington Arcade. The business began in 1936 by the mysterious Nat Peal, but faced extinction at the beginning of the current financial crisis when the American owners at that time decided to close the business. Boo. Hiss. Disaster loomed. The clock was ticking. Drama. But there are heroes in this tale. Adam Holdsworth and Nick Falkingham of Pure Cashmere Collection womenswear stepped in at the last minute to save the brand and return it to English ownership. They set about resuscitating its image. [You can see Adam talking about the shop restoration in Burlington Arcade here.]

Resuscitation and the Bond Sweater

N. Peal menswear goes from strength-to-strength. Did you spot their sweater in the latest Bond film, Skyfall [Amazon]?The Blue Wave roundneck cashmere sweater (above) is a refined and discreet sweater matching the refined and discreet part of Bond's character. Bond has many parts, he's a complicated man, but this part enjoys a nice sweater.

Might we suggest he wear the Milano waistcoat (below) in the next film. Lovely. The popular Milano is Peal's signature cashmere sweater for men. Look out for the hidden suede trim, like something Q Division would have dreamed up. Bond could use the pockets at the front to stow a handkerchief and some mints for those long surveillance operations he goes on. A Walther PPK? No that would just misshape the sweater.


  1. The wardrobe theory behind the jumper and the barbour jacket was that these were timeless pieces that Bond would have found to hand when he arrived at the Skyfall estate. Presumably we are to believe they belonged to his father.

    1. Thank Anon. I like that theory. Timeless classics are what we do.


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