Three Bags for Tweedy - D.R. Harris, Trumpers, Truefitt & Hill

The Little Things in Life

I popped over to some of my favourite London shops to pick up some grooming products to take on my forthcoming trip to Budapest and Vienna. As I've said before, I like to share my loyalty.

A few things to increase the pleasantness of the everyday. I like my own comforts and you never know what you'll find in hotel rooms. Traveling light, these products needed to be no bigger than that silly and pointlessly inconvenient 100ml-limit airport security rule. (I then broke that rule with the shampoo, misreading the label.)

All three products are made in the UK. Shown here resplendently against the background of their new home: the Daines & Hathaway Military Wet Pack.

#1 D. R. Harris Coconut Oil Cream Shampoo

D. R. Harris the pharmacists have been in London's St. James's street for over 200 years. They have a large selection of grooming products that reflect their heritage and location, serving gentleman's clubland through the years. 

The Coconut Oil Cream shampoo is a convenient way to take shampoo when traveling. It works into a terrific lather. As it's a 150 ml tub, I'll be scooping some into a smaller container for the trip. Thanks authorities.

#2 Geo. F. Trumper Extract of Limes Skin Food

We've featured Trumper's skin food before. I went for the zesty Extract of Limes from their Duke of York street branch for this trip. You can apply before and after shaving. Smooth.

# 3 Truefitt and Hill Styling Paste

I took the opportunity to have my wig chopped in Truefitt's (1805) in St James's street. Gino is an excellent scissorman, and with skilled snipping he produced a perfect short-back-and-sides with side parting. Cutting very short with scissors is something a lot of barbers struggle with, they normally reach for the clippers. Clippers don't account for the contours and lumps and bumps of the head, so the result can look patchy and spiky. Gino worked his scissors like a maestro. Bravo.

He also recommended Truefitt's Styling Paste. I'm not a particularly heavy user of products on the hair, but a dab of this really keeps the hair in good order and the parting unruffled through the day.


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