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Heather Stowell - Vintage Button Cufflinks

You don't seem the sort who would want cufflinks that are shaped like skulls or Wallace and Gromit (much as you might love the comic duo, as we do). There's nothing wrong with a bit of fun, but you're not a teenager or an oligarch, right? Might we recommend these subtle and delightfully sweet vintage button links from Heather Stowell?

A Love of Old Buttons

The cufflinks are designed and handmade in the UK. Heather, based in Ely, Cambridge, England, is attracted to the intrinsic beauty of vintage buttons in pearl, glass or enamel. As a jeweller, it struck her that she could recycle them to create something fresh by setting them in cufflinks, thereby preserving the workmanship and material of the original buttons.

The cufflinks are made from sterling silver. And each pair is unique because of the singular nature of the buttons.

Commission Your Own

Have a look in that tray of old buttons you've been keeping. If you find some beauties, you can commission Heather to create a pair of cufflinks with them.

The Diamond Jubilee Mark - This Year Only

The silver is stamped by the London Assay Office and this year will have the special Queen's Diamond Jubilee mark, featuring a profile of a young Queen wearing an oversized crown. All four UK assay offices are striking this hallmark in 2012.

Meet Heather in Person

Did you meet Heather at the Craft in Focus Exhibition at RHS Wisley over the bank holiday? If not, Heather will be presenting her work at the following places and events this summer. Why not pop along.

La Hogue Farm Shop and Deli

Craft Central - Clerkenwell Design Week Fringe

Burwash Manor

Tweedy's Thought: I've just had an idea for cufflinks in the shape of our arch-enemy the flip-flop. Done right, perhaps they would make a certain ironic statement. Maybe a brogue would be better? Maybe a cuffllink with footwear for each season...maybe this is akin to Wallace and Gromit...<ad nauseam>


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