Irresistible Fox Brothers at Hackett

England Versus Italy

Hackett trades very much on the British image that original owner Jeremy Hackett cultivated in the early 80s. They're now owned by a Spanish investment company - it's a very popular brand in Spain - but you can still find many British classics and made in the UK products on the shelves at Hackett.

Fox Brothers at Hackett

On a recent visit I tried a navy cashmere jacket in a Loro Piana cloth and a grey and charcoal striped jacket in a Fox Brothers cloth. England won. I couldn't resist Fox Brothers.

The jacket is softly structured, with light padding on the shoulders. Inside it is faced with the same cloth and is 1/3 lined. A nice wear. The Fox Brothers cloth is beautifully soft and drapes wonderfully.

Some terribly lit photos that do the cloth no justice below. Not sure about the tie either. Hell to match.

Queen's Award

Congratulations to Hackett for their Queen's Award for Enterprise International Trade 2012. The award is for recognition of Hackett taking their 'Essential British kit' to a global audience.


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