Make Mine a Juniper Sling - Penhaligon's

Wear It, Don't Drink It

Juniper Sling sounds like a deliciously decadent cocktail, precisely what influenced Penhaligon's perfumer Olivier Cresp to create this homage to the Bright Young Things of London in the roaring twenties.

Cue photo of supreme Bright Young Thing Stephen Tennant taken by deceased friend of The Tweed Pig Cecil Beaton:

Penhaligon's Juniper Sling - Stephen Tennant Approves

Juniper Sling is inspired by London dry gin and is for men and women. Now bear with me as I struggle to describe this delicious scent (regular readers will know I find that this bit tricky.)

Young Mrs Tweed is sniggering in the background as I take exaggerated sniffs and waft my hands to draw in the scent. How else are you meant to do it? Initially, you certainly have a gin-and-tonic-y smell with the gin botanicals, such as juniper, coming to the fore. As it dries I'm getting a sort of herbal spice and clean soapiness. Very pleasant indeed.

Nice to wear. I can almost hear Stephen Tennant wittily approving of this scent in Art Deco fashion. It actually makes me fancy a gin and tonic as well. Nine in the morning is perhaps a tad early. I'll give it a couple of hours. Cheers.

Here's the official line on the scent, in case I'm not doing it justice:

Head Notes: Cinnamon, Orange Brandy, Angelica, Juniper Berry
Heart Notes: Cardamom, Leather, Black Pepper, Orris Wood
Base Notes: Brown Sugar, Black Cherry, Vetiver, Ambrox


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