Brooks Brothers and Ray-Ban - The Ties that Bind

Avoiding the Glare - Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Brooks Brothers

How to combine three of your favourite things: trad Americana, Italian craft and your winsome face? It's obvious. With the new Brooks Brothers Ray-Ban sunglasses.

A contender for collaboration of the year, the refreshed Ray-Ban Wayfarer and Aviator styles have a concealed yellow (below) or burgundy (above) Brooks Brothers striped club tie design on the inside of the arms - the sort of tie Anglo-Americans call 'repp'.

Brooks Brothers are famous for their repp stripe ties, fashioned after British regimental or club ties. As you'll know, they reversed the British left-shoulder to right side convention to run the stripes American-style from right-shoulder to left side. A convention that divides us to this day.

The tie design may not be enough of a substitute for the real thing to get you into a club in Pall Mall, but adds a little formality to the course of sunglass wearing. No bad thing that touch of subversive conservatism.

Do I Need a Pair?

I'll be out on operations soon, a critical mission: Vienna for cake and Budapest for bathing. I'm also between Ray-Bans at the moment. Quod erat demonstrandum. I've always been a Wayfarers man, always solidly and dependably constructed, so I think I need (almost as if my life depended on it) to get hold of a pair of the Wayfarers in the brown tortoiseshell for my trip. I'll let you know how I get on.

Life Behind a Lens

The Ray-Ban frames and lenses are made in Italy. Both styles have the green tinged G-15 lens. B-15 lenses have a brown tinge.

The Ray-Ban brand is now part of the Italian Luxotica Group, but the company has been careful to maintain the integrity of the original classic American designs of Bausch & Lomb. The Aviator pilot sunglasses were originally developed as anti-glare goggles in the 30s for the US military.

Brooks Brothers, 
150 Regent Street, 
London W1


  1. Would you agree that Shuron glasses (e.g. the "MacArthur 58")are cool too?

  2. Agreed. Hoping to cover Shuron at some stage. MacArthur are a nice choice. I also like the Ronsir Escapades in Tortoise. Like something you might see Tom Ripley wearing in Plein Soleil. Must cover that film too!

  3. I am addict of wearing branded sunglasses, I am not feel good in normal sunglasses because then can't able to keep my eyes safe. I like your designer eyewear, they remind me my previous sunglasses that are looking same. Nice blog to know more about designer ray ban sunglasses.


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