Trouser Trouble - Top Marks for Spencers Trousers

Spencers Trousers - The English Trouser Specialist

Having trouser trouble? You can get hold of decent shirts and sweaters, but you're being let down in the trouser department? All you see are flimsy trousers in uninspiring material? Have no fear, because today we bring trouser specialist Spencers Trousers, based in the Calder Valley in Yorkshire, England. Spencers Trousers manufacture all their trousers in-house, which are hand-cut and assembled by a single operative. The company was founded by R. E. Spencer in the 1920's and is still family-owned.

The majority of their customers are from the UK, but they also have customers in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Africa and all over Europe especially the Scandinavian countries.

The Right Cloth

You can order trousers in every kind of suitable fabric, from the finest lightweight wool cashmere to the heaviest Yorkshire tweed. Regular customers receive a seasonal mailing containing samples of fabric suitable for that season.

All of Spencers' cloths are sourced in the UK and they have a close association with their neighbours Brisbane Moss who are one of the last remaining producers of corduroy and moleskin in the UK.

I have a set of samples with me now. A lovely selection of corduroys, woollens and tweeds.

The Right Length

Spencers have a niche market supplying plus fours, plus twos and breeks to golfers and fieldsports enthusiasts. They can satisfy any specialist trouser requirement.

Problem Solved

Your trouser trouble may now be over. Standard details for all made-to-measure trousers are 7 belt loops, single pleat front, two side pocket and hip pocket. When you place your order you can choose such details as brace buttons, button fly, moleskin pockets.


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