Mod in England - Sartorial Kicks

Weller - New Album and New Collaboration

Paul Weller's multi-stylistic new album Sonik Kicks is a critical and commercial success. It's taken a couple of weeks for me to get used to its aural adventures in sounds, but it has really started to grow on me. And this is from someone who most prefers Paul's Style Council period.

Paul, whose energy seemingly knows no bounds, has also announced that he will be collaborating with mod heir apparent Miles Kane. I'm looking forward to hearing what comes out of that meeting of minds.

Look at the Shoes

Paul and Miles are sporting fabulous shoes above. Classic black brogue and tassel loafer. Remember what Foster and Son were saying about black shoes? What with this and Coxon in Cordings, no self-respecting British band could dress like scruffbags and hope to be taken seriously.

Tweedy's Thought: Here at Tweed Towers we admire the intelligence and thought that Paul applies to his music, but also his dress. He has stated that clothes are a hobby for him. As a hobbyist, he shows tremendous knowledge. It's obvious that he considers every detail of what he wears. Let's hope we can rope him in to be a Pin-Up or to discuss clothes in more depth some time. 


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