Hope for Aquascutum - Attention Private White

Mancunian Heroes Step into the Breach

When we covered Private White we were impressed with their attitude to protecting the heritage and preserving the manufacture of authentic British clothing. It's fantastic that they are bidding to take ownership of Aquascutum. We couldn't think of a company that we would prefer more to keep the name alive.

We hope the bid is successful and the famous Aquascutum check stays with us in the UK. The reputation of the company for quality and timeless style remained up to the end. My old red leather Aquascutum bag (shown above with Aquascutum trench) is 10 years old and there's not a broken stitch.

Let's remember Aquascutum's glorious history, from miltary outfitters in the Crimean war to the windcheaters and scarves beloved of football casuals in the 80s and 90s. If Private White takes the helm, we may just be seeing the start of a new era for this fine British heritage brand.


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