Aventus from the House of Creed

Creed's Aventus Smells Really Nice

I've a confession readers. I get a little stuck when I try and describe the smell of perfumes. The scent goes into the nose, the mind goes blank. But, rest assured, I know what I like and I don't allow any perfumes on these pages that don't smell bloody nice, even if I have a job describing what I'm smelling and the review comes out something akin to a a wine tasting.

We make the job easier for me by homing in on the brands we respect in this field. Certainly no giant corporate perfume houses that churn out 'celebuscents'. Beckham begone. One such brand we allow into our medicine cabinet is Creed.

House of Creed 1760

Creed was established as the English tailors House of Creed in 1760. A move to France, a couple of hundred years and a migration into perfume house brings us to present day Creed.

Celebrating 250 Years - Aventus

To celebrate 250 years of the Creed name's association with grooming, the company released Aventus in 2010 - a fragrance produced by hand, as scents were manufactured in the 18th century.

Aventus was created by the current father and son ‘noses’, Olivier and Erwin Creed. Olivier Creed is a sixth-generation master perfumer.

Perfume description (wish me luck) ...

One to be worn all year, I'd say. When the scent goes on it is a fresh bowl of fruit, with the fresh zing of blackcurrant and pineapple. As it settles and dries on the skin out come the florals and a creamy woodiness envelopes the fruit. Very distinctive and seductive.

No, I'm not sure if my description does it justice either. A lovely scent nonetheless.


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