An Absolute Gentleman - Mrs White's at Roullier White

Roullier White - The East Dulwich Connection

Lordship Lane is a bustling high street in East Dulwich, South London. Amongst the interesting collection of independent shops, bars and restaurants you'll find Roullier White.

Owner Lawrence Roullier-White’s family has lived in the area for almost 300 years – he is a descendent of John Alphonse Ferdinand Roullier, a renowned French painter who came to the UK in 1780. Many of his descendents remain in the area to this day.

Lawrence has been a buyer and product development director for many of London’s most creative emporia for the last twenty years. Training at the late, great, Covent Garden General Store in the mid-1980s, he developed a passion for practical design with a strong visual aesthetic.

Lawrence sources products from far and wide, each with a history behind it. At Roullier White you'll find interesting homewares, bedding, perfumes and beauty products, as well as Lawrence's signature collection, Mrs White's - a range of cleaning and grooming products made of all-natural ingredients. And entirely made in the UK. Huzzah.

Old Mrs White's Journal

Mrs White, Lawrence Roullier White’s great grandmother, worked for 30 years in domestic service in some of London’s grandest homes. In that time she penned journal of tips and recipes. The journal forms the basis of the products offered under the Mrs White's label.

Mrs White's Absolute Gentleman

Rummage in the Gentlemen's Cabinet & Dressing Room of our dear friends at Roullier White and you'll find Mrs White's preparations for men.

I've been slapping on Mrs White's Absolute Gentleman Moisturiser for Men for some time and can vouch for its efficacy in keeping my cheeks - grizzled from manly pursuits - kissable.

It's made in England and all natural - like old Tweedy himself. The delicious-sounding ingredients include "patchouli, frankincense and fennel, rich apricot oil, raw English beeswax, antibacterial organic English lavender and the very best rose absolute". I know, it sounds good enough to eat and smells it too. If you're used to applying beeswax to your moustache, you'll guess that it feels terrific on the fizzog, particularly after shaving.

Beau Brummel Recommends Washing

Mrs White's Absolute Gentleman Moisturiser for Men is inspired by Beau Brummell, the Regency dandy who was radically well-groomed for his day.

As the Beau Brummell character played by James Purefoy in the 2006 BBC film Beau Brummel: This Charming Man attests: "the dandy washes, the dandy is clean, the dandy is neat..." And might we add the dandy ought to splash on a bit of Mrs White's Absolute Gentleman Moisturiser for Men to keep the face in tip-top condition for carousing.

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