Say No to Plastic Bags - Dunhill Document Case

Alfred Dunhill Tradition Double Document Case

Tired of carrying your important documents around in a Morrison's shopping bag? It doesn't look so good against your bespoke suit does it? I know you've been meaning to do something about it, so might we suggest you make the giant leap to the Dunhill Tradition Double Document Case. A wonderful thing.

Handmade in Dunhill's east London leather workshop, the quality speaks for itself in the video below. And that quality bespeaks value. "How so?", you ask, swirling your early morning cup of tea/early evening gin and tonic.

Okay, the cost might sting a little now, but how much would you expect to pay for a leather case that is handmade in England 20 years from now, with inflation, collateralized debt obligations and whatnot? This case will still be putting in good service in 20 years and looking even better. That's value, my good friend. And think of all those Morrison's shopping bags you would require over 20 years. Wow, you never thought of yourself as an environmentalist did you?


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