Saint Valentine's Spray - Floris

A Valentine's Warning

Valentine's Day is around the corner. Just thought I'd mention, as I don't want you to miss a romantic opportunity or to get into trouble for forgetting. You know how we are? I'm thinking a Floris scent would make a nice gift.

Bouquet de La Reine - A Present for Queen Victoria

Bouquet de La Reine would be a nice choice for a lady-friend on Valentine's Day. It has a romantic story that you can appropriate and demonstrate that you're all heart beneath that tough, stoic exterior. Romantic story: Bouquet de La Reine was originally created by Floris as a wedding present for Queen Victoria on her marriage to Prince Albert in 1840.

James Floris created the scent in the Floris perfumery in Jermyn Street and it's a beautifully balanced classic floral fragrance. A good choice of gift. But don't overdo the soppiness. You don't want her to think you're a 'wet lettuce'.

Santal - Tweedy Spoils Valentine's Day

I didn't mean to spoil the surprise, but I discovered a bottle of Santal in a drawer the other day. Exhibit A below.  A splendid woody and lightly spicy sandalwood fragrance that is perfect for day and night at this time of year. I'm hoping it comes my way as I'm almost finished with my bottle of Mahon Leather. And if it doesn't come my way, questions need to be asked.  

Floris Q & A

We broke this news a while back, but we'll break it again as we've been rather slow off the mark: a Q & A with Floris is promised very soon...


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