Cad and the Dandy - Suit Buying Course - Lesson 3

The Final Lesson

I know you're tired, but don't think of dropping out of the course now. You're nearly there. You completed lessons 1 and 2. This is the final lesson, the finishing line is in sight.

It's time for some motivational talk from James Sleater at Cad and the Dandy to get you to the end:

"Tailoring is an art form not a science and it takes years of training to become a cutter, coatmaker or trouser maker. Each jacket alone takes around 50 hours to craft. Below are the Savile Row guidelines which our suits are made to."

Lesson 3 - Making the Suit - Savile Row Guidelines by Cad and the Dandy

With these guidelines, you will know what to demand of your bespoke suit.


  • Inlays – inlays to allow adjustment to the main body seams
  • Linings – felled by hand
  • Vent and Front Edge – hand prick-stitched throughout
  • Breast pocket – slanting breast pocket with hand stitched border
  • Top Collar – hand draw-stitched onto the facing
  • Front button-holes – hand-stitched and left lapel button hole with sewn flower loop
  • Cuffs – featuring opening slit and hand-stitched button holes
  • Armhole – lining-eased and hand felled
  • Front pockets – hand top-stitching on pocket and gorge
  • Sleeves – set in by hand
  • Shoulder pads and canvas – hand-cut and shaped
  • Jacket foreparts – fully hand-canvassed


  • International waistband – with inlays of 3-4 inches and side-seams for adjustments
  • Buttons – sewn by hand in cross stitch
  • Buttonholes – cut and sewn by hand
  • Fly – hand-stitched
  • Trousers fronts – half-lined for comfort
  • Seat seam – hand-stitched
  • Pockets, band lining and back curtains - sewn in by hand

Well Done!

Congratulations. You have been awarded The Tweed Pig Technical Certificate in Suit Buying.

With special thanks to Cad and the Dandy for putting the information together for us.

Hopefully, this short course has helped you brush up on your suit purchasing skills. Now go out there and 'buy suit'. 


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