Dege and Skinner - Britain's Best Young Tailor 2012

Britain's Best Young Tailor 2012

Commendable that the BBC is broadcasting programmes profiling young British people who are making a mark in various trades and crafts. The latest offering was a programme to find Britain's Best Young Tailor 2012. The finalists filmed for the programme were selected from hundreds of candidates.

I wanted to see a bit more needle-and-thread action and learn a bit more of the craft, but it was an entertaining programme. The apprentices conducted a number of tailoring trials judged by tailors Mark Powell and Richard Anderson (we'll be reviewing Richard's book on the gritty world of tailoring soon).

The programme included a segment where the apprentice tailors were questioned on their knowledge. Did you know that Henry Poole created the first dinner jacket? A couple of the apprentices didn't. I won't repeat some of the answers. Even I'm blushing.

About the Winner

Emma Martin, apprentice at the Savile Row tailors Dege & Skinner, was named the winner at the end of the trials. Emma is a former student of Newham College and is hoping to complete her apprenticeship as a Coat Maker with Dege & Skinner later this year after two years of training with the late Stefano Tormambe and Dege & Skinner's Head Cutter, Peter Ward.

Congratulations Emma.

All About the Detail

I was slightly fixated on Mark Powell's details during the programme. The shoes and watch chains in particular. Anybody else?


  1. thanks Tweed Pig for the mention of Emma's success. She's wonderfully passionate about the trade she's learning at Dege & Skinner and deserved to be named the nation's most talented tailor aged under 25


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