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Teapigs Tea

A relative newcomer to the tea industry, teapigs was founded by tea evangelist Nick Kilby and tea addict Louise Allen (pictured above) in 2006. Based in Brentford, England, teapigs blends and sells whole-leaf teas loose or in bags (tea temples). We first came to know about them with their admirable campaign for real tea. The campaign is trying to get cafes and other outlets to replace tea made with the dusty fannings that are used in standard teabags with proper whole-leaf tea. Commendable.

Not Quite an Everyday Brew

The teapigs Everyday Brew, a Great British classic, is their best-seller. Peppermint and Earl Grey are also popular. If you are undecided on what to choose, a mood-o-meter on their web site will help you select teas based on your mood. I chose fussy, but podgy is the most popular mood, apparently.

Tea-Drinkers Take Risks

The company has been surprised by the adventurousness of their customers. Some stick to their regular blend of tea, but many are willing to try all types. Some will reach for different blends through the day, glugging mugs of session tea, such as the Everyday Brew, in the morning, then switching to the subtle flavours of Jasmine Pearls in the evening.

Tea-Making Basics from Teapigs

Louise reminds us of the tea-making basics:
  1. Start with a good tea – make it whole leaf, real tea. ( teapigs ideally!)
  2. Always use fresh water from the tap – not the re-boiled stuff that has been sitting in the kettle since last week. 
  3. If you are making black tea – pour the boiling water onto the leaves as soon as the kettle has boiled. With green, white or oolong teas, water off the boil is preferable.
  4. If you are making it in a cup, put the milk in after the tea ( only for black teas) - if you are using a pot, put the milk in the cup first.
Louise says, "Black tea is great, but be brave and try some other kinds of tea – my personal favourite is oolong."

Manly Tea Choice

Realising what a manly set of readers The Tweed Pig is likely to attract, Louise recommends their manliest tea, Yerba Mate. The leaf is South American and is reputed to contain "practically all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life". This probably means that we can live on tea and cake alone. I knew it.


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