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Olympian Socks

The Olympic Games in London are just round the corner, much to the dismay of most Londoners. Team GB have quite a few entrants for the shooting events, which include pistol, rifle and shotgun. Hopefully, the shooting will be confined to the stadia. Getting behind the team, we've tracked down something that might just give our shooters the edge. In case there isn't an official shooting sock - and if not why not? - might we suggest adoption of the Lars Olympic from Archie Foal?

The Lars Olympic socks in navy, red and white are made in England by a company of Master Knitters established in 1850. They are knitted on Bentley knitting machines from a blend of Angora and Australian superfine merino wool that's produced in Italy, which makes them incredibly soft but durable. The garter is buttoned, so you can wear with or without.

Archie Foal

Archie Foal was established in November 2010 with the purpose of working with English knitters and manufacturers to create classic socks and knitwear in the finest yarns.

Everything is made in the UK, actually in three of the Home Nations. The socks are knitted in Wales and Nottingham, England and the knitwear is made in the Scottish Borders.


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