Cold Remedies - Otis Batterbee

Tweedy Catches Cold

Bloody cold at the moment. And I have a cold to boot. This calls for some old-school measures to keep warm. Hip flask of course, but also the trusty fur hat for outdoors, and that classic gentleman's tool for keeping warm inside - the hot water bottle.

Hit the Bottle with Otis Batterbee

Hot water bottles work. Fact. Particularly in drafty old Tweed Towers. But you wouldn't want a Hello Kitty-shaped one would you? You would? I knew you were joking.

What about this one below? It's by British company Otis Batterbee. Made in England, the hot water bottle comes with a more refined woollen cover in Prince of Wales check suiting fabric with a velvet back.

Designer and founder, Otis Batterbee, says the core values of his company are "quality construction, good design and the use of the best possible materials."

The hot water bottle acts as a suitable surrogate young Mrs Tweed, but with an evocative and reassuring smell of warm rubber. Actually, I'm getting a little too attached to it. Maybe a few more days of freezing temperatures wouldn't harm.


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