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Scarves from Peckham Rye - 200 years of tailoring heritage

I have a trip to Berlin around the corner, so it's time to think about the packing. And there's no better place to start than with a scarf. Finishing touch? No. Centre piece.

We're representatives, ambassadors even, of our country when travelling. People we meet will form an opinion and add it to a composite image they make of a nation. That's a responsibility. And that means packing more than football shirts, doesn't it? For this trip then, I want a scarf that speaks well of Britain's stylish contribution to menswear.  

The choice is made. It will be a hand-crafted silk spotted scarf from Peckham Rye (1799) that will accompany me.

The London Spot is a beautiful thing - rakishly black with white spots and a lovely long hand-knotted black and white fringe. Lightweight too, made with finest graded gum twill (foulard) silk. 

There's a touch of the RAF about it - they sported silk scarves to prevent chafing in the aircraft cockpit. Take a look at Tom's in Commando's The Sand Devils.

And there's a bit of mod there as well, which never goes amiss.  

History of Peckham Rye


Peckham Rye is a 6th-generation family-run English company with a long history in tailoring. Now specialising in neckwear and accessories, they produce silk ties, scarves and such for some of our favourite names on Savile Row and Jermyn Street. 

It won't be hard to find a scarf you like from their London shop in swinging Carnaby Street, as they have over a hundred styles. They produce them in very small runs though, so pounce if you see one.

Peckham Rye provide instructions for 17 ways of tying your scarf, from the "London coachman style of the 17th century to the Italian look of the 1960's." I'm not sure if I've managed to re-create one in my pictures. Marks for trying?       

I must ask young Mrs Tweed to get in touch with Peckham Rye and probe them on neck wear...

Peckham Rye – continuing Great British tailoring in the four corners of the world. A pleasure and privilege to serve.

Peckham Rye London
11 Newburgh Street,
London W1F 7RW


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