Ralph Lauren Sponsored New York Tweed Run Scuppered

Rugby Ralph Lauren Tweed Run hits the brakes

I was hoping news would be filed from our New York bureau on the inaugural Tweed Run leisure cycle in that fine city this weekend. Lots of photos of jolly types in suits celebrating that most robust of fabrics, tweed - man's best friend. Unfortunately, it was cancelled. Protesting and whatnot.

The sponsor, Rugby Ralph Lauren, did its best for the day not to be spoiled entirely, organising a day of events at its flagship shop in University Place, New York. Not the same though. They'd put a nice collection together to coincide with the event (sample below). What a shame. All the time and expertise that had gone into it.

Metronomy perform at future happening for Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren

Something that is intended to go ahead on the 15th of November in Amsterdam, protests permitting, is a gig from our favourite band from the English Riviera, Metronomy. They  will be performing on the Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren Warehouse Roadshow.

The lead singer of Metronomy, Joseph Mount, is from Totnes, Devon, which undoubtedly has the finest tea rooms in that county. In fact, it's quite possible to go on a tea room crawl along its lovely high street. These are proper tea rooms, such as the excellent Vintage Tea. Maybe it's the fact that Starbucks and co haven't landed that they continue to thrive? I'll raise a slice of Battenburg cake to that.

Label unconscious

Are all these offshoots and diffusion lines from Lauren becoming confusing? What do we have now, Black Label, Blue Label, Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo Denim, Polo Golf, Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Rugby Ralph Lauren and the newcomer Denim and Supply

If it makes things clearer, Denim and Supply "offers a new approach to denim and sportswear, capturing the weathered character of found vintage pieces and effortlessly styling them with an eclectic, individualistic spirit." What do you mean not clearer?


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