Purdey - Double-barrelled Shotguns and Single-breasted Jackets

Purdey - Britain's most famous gunmaker since 1814


James Purdey and Sons represents the absolute pinnacle of English gunmaking. The name is world-renowned and synonymous with uncompromising high standards of craftsmanship. Established in 1814, they started out with the manufacture of flintlocks. It was the Battle of Waterloo the year after. I wonder if any Purdey rifles were aimed at the French alongside the standard Brown Bess musket and Baker rifles?

Today Purdey are most commonly known for their sporting shotguns, but they still make rifles too, like the beautiful side-by-side rifle above. The company makes the guns in their London factory, but is no longer family-owned, having passed into the ownership of luxury goods conglomerate Richemont in recent years.

Purdey's new season clothing and accessories

Capitalising on the reputation of the Purdey brand name, but keeping to a sporting theme, is the Purdey collection of clothing and accessories. The full range is available in their Mayfair shop. Quality stuff, chums - our sort of clothes. Nice waterproof trench coat with field pockets below. Nice tweeds and waxy vest further below. We just need a gun dog to complete the look - I'd go for an English Pointer.

James Purdey & Sons Ltd
Audley House
57 - 58 South Audley Street
London W1K 2ED


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