Coxon in Cordings

Graham Coxon dressed every inch like our kind of Rock God

I think it's fair to say that the portraits of Graham Coxon taken by photographer Mark Eilbeck serve as a template to show how every British pop/rock musician should dress. Leather trousers? Bandana? Do me a bloody favour.

Coxon has bemoaned in interviews that the English have let their standards of dress slip to appallingly low standards. The cardinal rule according to Coxon is no tracksuits on the high street. Gym-only. Is this state of affairs improving? No matter, dressed head-to-toe in Cordings, he's clearly part of the resistance (or is that the renaissance?). Top marks.    

Graham Coxon explores a folk sound with The Spinning Top

The last time I saw Graham Coxon play live was at the Cambridge Folk Festival.  It must be four or five years ago. He either played some accoustic numbers on the main stage or joined in with another folk group. I can't quite remember. Maybe both. But it indicated the direction his music was heading in. 

Cambridge is a good-sized and good-natured festival. And it's walking distance from the historical heart of Cambridge.  

Coxon released folk-tinged album The Spinning Top on Transgressive in 2009, musically reminiscent of accousticians Robyn Hitchcock, Martin Carthy and Bert Jansch.

I like the direction his solo work has gone in. By contrast, I don't quite get Damon Albarn's hipster-fest Gorrilaz. Maybe not enough Cordings on show?


  1. UNF!!! oh my god the fist picture shouldn't be for underaged, I really want to help him out of that ridiculously smart suit


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