England Out in Eden Park

Eden Park - home of rugby and pink bow ties

So it is that England's Rugby World Cup dreams come to an end at Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand. Beaten by the French of all teams (grumble).

And the English team kitted out for the tournament in French suits to boot. Eden Park, the French clothing brand, is named after the famous Auckland sports ground. It was founded in the 80s by players from Paris rugby club Racing Club de France, now called Racing Metro 92. They'll be outfitters to the English team until 2016. This world cup the team have been smartly dressed in tailored navy pinstripe three-piece suits, with pale blue shirts and red ties. Sadly, they can now pack them away.

The story behind Eden Park's logo

Eden Park was named after the famous sports ground in Auckland, and it's famous for its pink bow tie logo. The logo has a story. Racing Club players wore pink bow ties to the final of the French rugby championship in 1987. One of a number of eccentric touches the club's players from that era brought to the game.

The video shows the English players being fitted for their suits in optimistic pre-cup mood. It will be Eden Park again for the next world cup. English player Dan Cole (top) has looked through the tournament like a character from Beowulf with his magnificent beard. Maybe they should go for tunics, cloaks and hose next time. Scare the French a bit. 


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