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Kirby Allison Meets a Need for Decent Hangers

We pay the penalty for hanging clothes on inadequate hangers. Suits are in particular trouble if they are not hung well. A hanger needs to be wide enough to support the sleeves and collar of a jacket. And better to have a bar to hold the trousers that stops them slipping.

Where are we in terms of 21st century hanger technology then? Step forward US company Kirby Allison's Hanger Project. Texas-based Kirby Allison has researched the ergonomics required to preserve the shape of clothes as they hang. Necessity was the mother of invention here. Whilst working on Wall Street, he struggled to find hangers that did their job well.

The Hanger Project produces hangers for different types of clothes. The suit hangers come in four widths from 15.5" to 20" and have a large bulb at the end to support the shoulders of your jackets.

The trouser bar is felted to hold the trousers in place, better than clips to pinch the material or the rubber strings that snap over the material.

If your suit could read this, he'd be pleading with you to get one for him. No longer would he be seeming to cower on the hanger, but hanging proud and firm as nature intended. After all, as they say at the hanger project, "your clothes spend more time in your closet than they do on your shoulders."


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