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An Easy Weekend In Prague - Sunday PM: Wenceslas, Communism and Cafes

My final Prague stroll takes in two charming cafes, with a brief look in at the Communism Museum in between. At Wenceslas Square stands Cafe Europa, part of Hotel Europa, that has a very well-preserved art nouveau interior.

From here I visit the Communism Museum and find some idealistic posters of the time, including one that advertises a clothes shop. The advertisement says, "For sun and water - well equipped by our shops."

The second cafe stop is at Kavarna Obecni Dum, which is part of the Municipal House. This time we're in beautiful art deco territory. A lovely interior, once more, to elevate the simple pleasure of a high tea.

The final stop of the trip is U Fleku. It's very popular with tourists, but not without reason. They brew their own delicious beer for starters, in fact beer has been brewed on the site for over 500 years - so certainly a classic that has stood the test of time, and some. It would be churlish not to imbibe some of that heritage. The beer, the smoking and communal tables make for a lively atmosphere and help the cosmopolitan crowd to meld to the extent that an impromptu rendition of the Birdy Song breaks out. Is there a more fitting end to an easy weekend in Prague?


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