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Grenson - Going Brogue

I've just been clicking around the nice new site of Grenson. Established in 1866 and still making shoes in the shoe-making capital of England, Northampton. There's a smashing selection of brogues and chukkas, which, as we know, are required purchases to complete a wardrobe.

The Fred is a take-no-prisoners brogue boot with its triple sole and big punch holes. Crikey, it's an incredible looking thing. If you're going brogue, no point in holding back, says old Tweedy. I feel sure if you were to remove those beauties at an airport security check there'd be gasps of admiration from the staff frisking you.

By contrast, the Smith is an attractive suede chukka that offers a classic tan colour and understated elegant lines. Here the admiration from the airport staff might be suitably low-key, perhaps a faint, barely perceptible look of appreciation as you pick them off the conveyor.

Grenson are starting to release summer styles. I'll be keeping a beady eye on this site.


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