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Don't be Afraid, Darling, it's Only a Man's Apartment

Renzo Cesana, an Italian actor based in Los Angeles, developed a romantic character called The Continental for radio in the 50s. Cesana would whisper sweet-nothings into the ears of listeners in Los Angeles, and conjure up images of love and romance, with a little bit of Latin rakishness in the mix. No singer he, but the formula proved successful enough for the Euro-charmer to make a number of recordings of talk-songs for Columbia and Capitol Records.

I first came across some of these recordings on Capitol's Ultra-Lounge series of compilation CDs that bring old exotica, lounge and cocktail music tracks together. Cesana's tracks are usually hidden unlisted tracks at the end of the CDs, so they need to be sought out. Truly hidden gems. Apart from the one below.

The Continental, I raise my bone-dry Martini to you, sir.


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