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Blimey Cro'Jack

Japan and Italy, admirers of British heritage brands, get ready to welcome a newcomer. Contradiction in terms? Not really, Cro'  Jack offer high-quality British men's apparel with designs that reflect British heritage in terms of materials and styles. And Made in England, unlike some of the more high-profile British heritage labels. Old Tweedy approves considerably.

I'm taken with the nautical feel of the Blimey jacket, with its duffle toggles and British Duralinen fabric, and the super-thick fisherman's sweater. This stuff looks indestructible and its maritime feel wouldn't look out of place in The Cruel Sea (or a football terrace). Indeed, as they say, a cro’jack (cross jack) is a piece of nautical equipment - the lower yard on the mizenmast of a square-rigged ship. I knew that.

I could well see some of these initial Cro' Jack pieces becoming collectors items when the Japanese find out about the company, so you could consider a purchase an investment (good excuse #59). That's partly why I'm going to buy one of their cardigans. It should come in really handy for my forthcoming trip to Prague.


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