A Very Merry Christmas

Channel the Inner Poinsettia

As I was enjoying a hot chocolate with a dash of Chartreuse, a poinsettia used as a table decoration convinced me of this sweater combination for Christmas — teaming a red lambswool shawl collar sweater from William Lockie with green polka dot accessories. Both colours have deep significance at this time of year, as you'll know.

So now it's time for the incessant yell of the digital world to be hushed for Christmastime. Begone, dull care.

The larder is stocked and the drinks cabinet is heaving with appropriate drinks to be consumed from breakfast through to supper. When it comes to making merry, chance favours the prepared mind.

In keeping with the situation, a firm handshake, dear reader, and my best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Candlemas on February the 2nd marks the end of Christmas, so don't be in any rush to get the celebrations and feelings of goodwill to all and sundry out of the way — and that's not the attitude to approach a celebration anyway. I know you might find it a little hard to switch off, what with your Protestant work ethic and all, but do try not to be a slave to cultural determinism and those puritanical urges —  at least not until the new year.


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