The London Polo Neck

London Made Me

Percival have introduced an entirely Made in London collection this December, which is limited to thirty of each piece.

If you like the look of this striped polo neck, you'd better be quick. If you run the numbers, the percentage of the UK population able to obtain the sweater is ~ 0.00005%. It's a bigger chance than winning the lottery, but still.

The sweater has a medium weight and is made from lambswool. The tufted weave is based on 'Persian hand woven rugs and blankets'.

A lead guitarist in a hip beat group would look the part in this sweater. In fact, I would say that coming into possession of this sweater would be reason alone to form a group, with its talisman-like good looks and all. You know what they say, get the sweater right and everything else will follow.


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