Essential Christmas Stocking Fillers for Your Pig

Impeccable Behaviour Is Its Own Reward, But

Dear Father Christmas — the original British version, Dionysian in spirit and dressed in green, not the coca-cola corporate logo version (who is not welcome at Tweed Towers) — I have been extremely good this year. You can take my word for it.

The Advent wreath is on the front door, but I'll be putting out my stocking on Christmas Eve. I fully expect the following, re: behaviour.

Turnbull & Asser - Limited Edition Blue and White Stripe Teddy Bear

The most traditional of the T & A bears, made from blue and white striped shirting material.

Purdey - Damascus Steel Sidelock Folding Knife

Purdey's pocket knife is made from Damascus (pattern-welded) steel with gun scroll engraving. The knife comes with a leather carry case.

GutenTag Method - Stamp and Ink Pad

GutenTag provide an ingenious low-tech planning solution to make better use of the day — useful for new year's resolutions along the lines of being more organised. The idea is to step away from the complexity of apps and organisers to plan and commit to a day on a single page. I intend to be far less digitally-inclined next year.


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